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Wastewater Solutions for the Home
We can keep your wastewater system in optimal health and your home clean, fresh and safe for your familyand the environment.
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Commercial Wastewater Solutions
Find out how we work with business, industry, agribusiness, government and other providers to ensure their wastewater systems are efficient and compliant.
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Agribusiness Wastewater Solutions
Explore our environmentally friendly products and solutions, scientifically developed to correct odours, blockages and hazards.
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Solutions for Wastewater Professionals
Insight Environmental's expertise in wastewter management complement operational procedures and help extend the life of wastewater treatment systems.
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Who are we?

We are a proud, 100% Australian owned family business which for over 20 years has provided innovative wastewater remediation solutions to businesses, industry, municipalities and thousands of homes. Over this time our products and solutions have been tested in the harshest of environments and proven not only highly effective, but environmentally responsible as well. 

Specialists in environmentally responsible wastewater management and cleaning products, we aim to make very wastewater and effluent treatment system in Australia healthy and sustainable. We do this by continually improving our industry leading biological remediation products and using our specialist knowledge to create custom solutions for our clients. 

Over the years our products have evolved to take advantage of scientific breakthroughs and advances in biotechnology, allowing us to provide more focused and efficient solutions for a wide range of wastewater issues.

In addition to the development, manufacture and distribution of our products, an equally important part of our service is the expert advice and consultation we provide to our clients regarding their operational wastewater requirements. Our team of wastewater consultants and biochemists have extensive experience diagnosing complex systems and developing tailored solutions. 

Our products have been proven effective in diverse applications which include wastewater treatment plants, mining sites, food processing facilities, agribusiness, hotels, shopping centres, national parks and nursing homes. 

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures that we are committed to the highest standards in the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our clients. 


Tailored Solutions

Every wastewater system is unique, from the way it is set up to the way it’s being used. Systems vary in their complexity, age and efficiency, which is why our experienced wastewater consultants perform a thorough diagnosis before recommending a solution. 

Our consultants will analyse your operational wastewater requirements, understand how your system is designed and diagnose the issue you’re facing. They’ll then work with you to develop a tailored solution for your particular situation. 

Wastewater Solutions by Sector

For the Home

Restore your wastewater system, eliminate odours, dissolve blockages and clean your home with effective, natural solutions.


Prevent septic odours and blockages, improve grease trap efficiency and clean with natural, safe solutions.


Treat animal waste, control odour and clean safely with the most effective, natural and biodegradable solutions.


Specialised wastewater treatment products to help the experts treat the most severe of wastewater issues.

Septic System Maintenance

Practical Tips to Keep Your System Healthy and Live Odour and Blockage Free

Discover our Product Range

Wastewater systems rely on a balance of naturally occurring bacteria to break down waste efficiently. Heavy usage, build up of grease and fat and the use of harsh cleaners and detergents can quickly kill off ‘good’ bacteria and upset the balance of your system. 

With too few bacteria, or the wrong type, your system’s efficiency drops dramatically.  Smells develop, waste is left unconsumed, and blockages become more frequent.

Our EcoShield cleaning range provides a comprehensive range of cleaning products designed especially for your wastewater treatment system. They are free from the harmful chemicals that could damage the finely balanced wastewater treatment ecosystem and in many cases actually incorporate our biological stimulants that will condition and improve the system.

EcoCare Activator is designed to accelerate the breakdown of waste by providing the necessary nutrients and conditions for bacterial growth and performance. This blend of natural ingredients, grease dispersants and biological stimulants work to destroy odours on contact, cut through grime, breaks down grease and fat, and restore and maintain a healthy bacterial balance in your septic or onsite treatment plant.

Our EcoCare Culture range of specialty bacteria are specially formulated to assist with the breakdown of specific types of waste and or contaminants that are impeding the system. These specialists work with the ‘good’ bacteria in your system to fight things like fat and grease, hydrocarbons, nitrogen and hydrogen sulphide gas.