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Referral Appreciation Program

If you are impressed with the performance of your Ecocare Activator, or any of our other products, and believe it could benefit a friend, family member or local business or industry, why not refer them to us so we can help them create a safe and healthy environment too?

And if they purchase, we'll offer you a choice of rewards as a thank you!

How does our Referral Appreciation Program work?

For every new client who orders Ecocare Activator on your recommendation we will offer you a choice of the following:

Free Gift

A septic-safe gift pack comprising 500 mls each of Ecocare Activator, Clean Scene Dish-O-Matic and Clean Scene Laundry Wash plus a handy spray bottle and cloth. Valued at more than $25!


10 % discount off your next purchase 

This offers you fantastic savings - from $12 up to $36. That has to be good!

Why have we done this?

New clients are of great benefit to us........and to you - the more new clients we acquire the less need there is for us to increase our prices. We also genuinely want others to experience the many great benefits achieved from using our eco-friendly products to creat a safe and healthy environment for their family or workplace.

And it is always easy to recommend our products - not only because of its reliability to do the required job but also because we have a 'second to none' client service team. You can rest assured that we will treat every new client with the same respect, and offer them the same great service, you have always received.

What next?

Start spreading the word  - advising your contacts to quote your name when they call us - or phone us yourself using the number above with the name of family, friends or businesses who you think would like to hear from us. We look forward to being in touch to offer you our thanks. Meanwhile any queries don't hesitate to call us with the number above. 

To find out more about our rewards program call us now - find our number at the top of the screen -  and one of our friendly consultants will be very happy to talk to you. If it’s not convenient right now, request a call back for us to get in touch at a time that suits you.

Solve your problems with a long term solution. Call us now!

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