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Here's what our distributors have to say...

 “As owners and directors of the plumbing and drainage company, Geelong Septic Tanks, we strongly recommend Insight Environmental’s products with all septic and sewerage and waste water treatment systems… It is the most efficient and cost effective way to maintain the systems that we install because it eliminates harmful disinfectants from working against the systems… We have many clients in the Geelong area that use these products and they are greatly appreciative of how clean and odour free the products  keep their homes, as well as how clean their treated water is for their gardens…”

Joshua Gray Geelong Septic Tanks - VIC | Suppliers of Ecocare products since 2003

“We sell Insight Environmental’s products to end users, such as Nursing Homes, who use it mainly for cleaning…We trialled the product against the competition and were amazed by the results... It is brilliant for cleaning - on the showers it is great for breaking down soap and fats, preventing blockages in pipes and drains…It neutralises the odour, rather than just masking it with a strong fragrance. …Insight Environmental have been a wonderful company to deal with and what started purely from a single telephone call has developed over the years into a really solid business relationship…You have provided terrific service and just knowing that I can just ring in and talk to somebody is just great. Other companies we’ve dealt with before did not always suit us…Another thing we always support and promote is the Australia-made and environmental aspects of your product…”

Veronica West Dalkleen Hygiene Services - NSW

To find out more about Insight Environmental pick up the phone and one of our friendly consultants will be very happy to talk to you. If it’s not convenient right now, request a call back  and we’ll phone at a time to suit you.


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