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Qweller A

Looking for a product that does it all? Then Qweller A may be just that product – it was designed as a multi-purpose product that provides a comprehensive solution to the inter-related issues of odour control, waste management and cleaning for agribusiness.

Qweller A is a multi-purpose product that is widely used to stimulate bacterial action for waste breakdown, clean work areas, clear drains, and destroy odours. Qweller A stimulates growth of the native microbial community to promote the efficient breakdown of waste in the ponds, lagoons and dams. Qweller A also cuts through grease, fat and solid build-up, whilst simultaneously targeting odour causing molecules.

For severe applications Qweller A is  used in conjunction with Qweller C.

Qweller A is AQIS (DAFF) approved for use in meat export facilities.


  • effluent ponds
  • animal pens, stockyards and sheds
  • waste treatment plants
  • abattoirs

Product Uses

  • invigorating breakdown of waste
  • odour suppression
  • general cleaning and wash downs
  • reducing ammonia levels
  • restoring damaged treatment systems

Reasons our clients choose Qweller A

  • cost effective
  • streamlines operations
  • reduces crusting and suspended solids in ponds
  • increases life and efficiency of ponds
  • reduces need for excavation
  • improves discharge quality of water
  • improves water quality in irrigation
  • prevents sprinkler blockages
  • eliminates odour and prevents it returning
  • compensates for damage caused by harmful chemical cleaners and sanitizers
  • improves animal health
  • non-toxic and biodegradable
  • safe and easy to use
  • Australian made

How does Qweller A work?

Qweller A deodorises and breaks down waste as it cleans. Used as a wash down, Qweller A’s blend of biodegradable agents and biological stimulants cuts through grease fat and waste build up. Its unique formulation lifts solids and eats away waste working immediately to kill odours on contact and lower ammonia levels.

Qweller A goes to work again once it reaches the effluent pond or lagoon – by stimulating the activity of the naturally occurring microbes and bacteria, odours are suppressed and pond efficiency is increased. This reduces or eliminates solid build up, minimising the need for pump outs or excavations and thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Qweller A cleans fast - then goes to work to keep drains and recycled water irrigation systems in good condition. Flushed through drains it neutralises odours and removes built-up residues leaving drains and gutters clean and free flowing.

Packaging Options

Qweller A  is supplied as a liquid concentrate in 10,  20 or 200 litre containers. Application rates are dependent on a number of factors and we will advise you of the most suitable size for your needs.

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MSDS Qweller A

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