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Ecocare Culture AB

When wastewater and effluent systems are under stress and bacterial populations have been reduced, a little help is needed. That's where our Ecocare Culture range comes into play. Used either alone, or in conjunction with Ecocare Activator or Booster, Ecocare Culture has been developed for specialized or extreme applications.

Ecocare Culture AB is a bacterial product for treating general organic waste, helping to reduce biological oxygen demand and suspended solids in wastewater.

The biological process of wastewater treatment depends on the availability of the proper type and number of waste-degrading microorganisms.

Ecocare Culture AB is made of a cocktail of select Class 1 species of bacteria (safe to use) to ensure the sometimes complex and variable nature of the different wastes are treated. By adding Ecocare Culture AB to wastewater it is possible to ensure that the microorganisms responsible for degrading the specific waste are in high enough a concentration.

In plants where adequate bacteria are not available, bio-enhancement techniques are effective in helping to reduce operating difficulties relating to overloading, high strength waste streams and toxic shock.


  • wastewater treatment plants (seeding and bio-augmentation)
  • septic and on-site treatment systems (AWTS)
  • effluent ponds
  • municipal and industrial systems
  • sewage spills.

Product uses

  • seeding of new waste treatment systems
  • re-populate a system that is depleted of bacteria
  • specialty odour control.

Reasons why our clients choose Ecocare Culture AB

  • rapid waste treatment plant start up and stabilisation
  • septic restoration
  • enhanced plant efficiency and ability to cope with variable loads
  • compensates for destruction of bacteria by harsh chemicals
  • safe and easy to use
  • Australian made.

Packaging options

Ecocare Culture AB is supplied as a convenient, cost effective liquid concentrate. It is available in 10, 20 and 200 litre containers. Application rates are dependant on a number of factors and we will advise you of the most suitable size for your needs.

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