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What is Ecocare Culture GF?

Ecocare Culture GF is a bacterial product designed for eliminating the build-up of troublesome greases, oils and fats and dealing with the associated issues that arise. 

Ecocare Culture GF is made of 12 select class 1 (safe for use) species of bacteria to deal with the variety of fats, oils and greases found in wastewater.

The application of Ecocare Culture GF to wastewater maximizes the effectiveness of organic decomposition by ensuring that the microorganisms necessary for digesting FOG compounds are present in high concentration.

Why use Ecocare Culture GF?

Using Ecocare Culture GF has many benefits including:

  • destroys odours that can be unpleasant for customers, staff and maintenance personnel
  • makes cleaning out grease traps easier, more pleasant and quicker
  • reduces occurrence of repairs and disruptions
  • blockages cleared and reoccurrence avoided
  • OH & S concerns are avoided in enclosed areas - wet wells or pump lift stations
  • blockages cleared in difficult to access areas - sewers, drains and trenches
  • reduction in labour and maintenance costs
  • pump outs reduced by approximately 70%
  • safe and easy to use (ask about our Insight Dosing System)
  • Australian made

What can you use Ecocare Culture GF for?

Ecocare Culture GF is used to get effect to:

  • reduce odours
  • break down fats, oils and greases that cause blockages
  • facilitate seeding and augmentation of new or failing systems
  • improve condition of grease trap

Packaging options

Ecocare Culture GF is supplied as liquid concentrate in 10, 20 and 200 litre containers.

Application rates are dependent on a number of factors and we will advise you of the most suitable size for your needs.

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MSDS Ecocare Culture GF

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