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Ecocare Culture Si

What is Ecocare Culture Si?

Ecocare Culture Si is a bacterial product designed to combat offensive hydrogen sulphide odours in a variety of waste systems. Ecocare Culture Si is made of class one bacteria (types used in foods) which when introduced into a system will compete with other bacteria that produce sulphides, reducing odours and the corrosive effects of sulphides.

Why use Ecocare Culture Si?

Using Ecocare Culture Si has many benefits including

  • reducing  sulphides
  • safe and easy to apply
  • reducing  costs for replacing damaged and corroded equipment
  • safe and easy to use – overcomes occupational health and safety problems
  • Australian made

Where is Ecocare Culture Si used?

Ecocare Culture Si can be used to treat waste issues in

  • sewer lines
  • lift or pump stations
  • waste treatment works (seeding and augmentation)
  • waste lagoon

What can you use Ecocare Culture Si for?

Ecocare Culture Si is extremely useful and effective at

  • reducing malodours
  • reducing concrete and steel degradation (sulphide corrosiveness)
  • speeding up the bio-augmentation process 

Common area Ecocare Culture Si is used and why


Issues arise in lagoons when a build of waste occurs which over time can reduce the levels of O2 that are present thus reducing the effectiveness of aerobic bacteria. This means that anaerobic bacteria thrive and malodours can arise as the anaerobic bacteria will convert the sulphur in the waste to hydrogen sulphide. By introducing Ecocare Culture Si to the lagoon it is possible to convert the hydrogen sulphide back into sulphates thus removing the odours.

Packaging Options

Ecocare Culture Si is supplied as a liquid concentrate in 10, 20 or 200 litre containers.

Dosage rates are dependent on a number of factors. We will advise you of the quantities required for your particular situation and provide tailored instructions. 

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MSDS Ecocare Culture Si

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