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No matter how much you love animals, living with the smell of their waste and urine is no joy... and when you're running a business, hygiene and cleanliness are absolutely essential for both the animals’ health and the health of your business.

It is important to use the right approach when treating odour and cleaning  issues and to then keep everything fresh and healthy.

Qwellerpet is a scientifically developed blend of odour control compounds, grease-cutting surfactants and biological agents that has been specially developed to safely eliminate odours on contact and maintain cleanliness in areas frequented by domestic pets.

Qwellerpet is used for odour control and cleaning.

Product Uses

  •     households with pets
  •     kennels and catteries
  •     showgrounds
  •     veterinary clinics
  •     animal runs and grassed areas
  •     aviaries and bird cages

Reasons our clients choose Qwellerpet

  • destroys odours wherever animals have been
  • cleans and shifts dirt and grime
  • creates a safe and healthy environment
  • safe for use around animals and by children
  • easy to use
  • cost effective
  • ‘septic’ friendly
  • recommended by breeders
  • Australian Made

How does Qwellerpet work

Qwellerpet does not simply mask odours; it eliminates them every time you clean. Diluted at up to 1 in 100 for application by hand or for use with spray equipment, Qwellerpet cuts through dirt and waste to lift ground-in grime.

It is particularly effective for washing down and deodorising kennels and runs because it destroys ammonia smells from urine and eliminates odours left by waste in drains.

Suitable for use on any surface, Qwellerpet can even be used to lift problem stains and lingering odours from carpets and animal bedding.  Diluted at 1 in 20 and applied by spray, it provides immediate odour control in problem areas.


Qwellerpet is supplied as a liquid concentrate in 2, 5, 10 or 20 litre containers.

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