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Ecocare Porta Kit

A Total Treatment for portable toilets in caravans, motorhomes and boats, our specially developed Ecocare Porta Kit is a complete all-in-one system that replaces the need for harmful chemicals.


Product Uses

  • motorhomes
  • boats
  • cassette toilets
  • portable toilets
  • cleaning

Why our clients choose our Porta Kit

  • destroys odours and stimulates effective waste breakdown
  • non-toxic and easy to use
  • can be safely disposed of in any biological waste system
  • versatile cleaner for around your motorhome, caravan or boat
  • Australian Made

How does the Ecocare Porta Kit work?

Our Ecocare Porta Kit stimulates the ‘good’ bacteria needed for waste breakdown and destroys odour at its source, maintaining the system in peak condition and able to withstand the variations that can occur with such a small waste system.  And, because it's non-toxic and environmentally friendly, using the Ecocare Porta Kit, allows the contents of your toilet’s holding tank to be safely disposed of in any biological waste treatment system safely and easily wherever you go.

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